Saturday, December 1, 2007

WWJD Revisited

From Brian McClaren's book, Everything Must Change, I'd like to share a helpful quote from John Meachum, a Newsweek writer who is reviewing Garry Wills's book, What Jesus Meant.

[The popular Christian question “What would Jesus do?” is not an especially useful one, Wills notes, for Jesus did many things we would not, and should not, do. Should Christian believers today, Wills asks, “like Jesus, forbid a man from attending his own father’s funeral…or tell others to hate their parents?...Are they justified in telling others, “I come not imposing peace, I impose not peace but the sword”…? Or “I am come to throw fire on the earth…?” Such moments in the Gospels, Wills writes, “were acts meant to show that he is not just like us, that he has higher rights and powers…[as] a divine mystery walking among men.]